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Palgrave United Community Kitchen Highlights

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Fresh Lunch Programme

Each week during the school year we prepare and serve over 140 fresh made lunches in two local schools. Thursdays at Palgrave Public School and Fridays at Macville Public School.  If you would like to have your child enrolled in the lunch programme, just let us know.  Please contact us at www.palgravekitchen.org/fresh-lunch.

Please note: Programme has been paused due to Covid-19.

Dirt to Delicious

Each summer we operate a complete day camp experience designed to educate and engage children ages 9-12 in fun, cooking, farm experiences, and life skills development. In 2020, we held a virtual camp with bi-weekly themed subscription boxes filled with recipes, activities, local ingredients and extra surprises. For more information about the virtual Dirt to Delicious camp, please visit www.palgravekitchen.org.

Kitchen Rentals

Hands give breadThe kitchen is open to community groups and individuals at a nominal fee. We also offer the space for local food producers to create their locally produced products at a low cost. Please contact us at www.palgravekitchen.org/kitchen.