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Faith Fellowship Family

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We are a vibrant and diverse church, part of the United Church of Canada, dedicated to building a community of faith that fosters spiritual growth, loving relationships, welcome, diversity, and inclusivity.  By who we are and what we do, we seek to serve God, community and each other.  Palgrave United Church asks important questions of faith in an open and dynamic environment where people are encouraged to explore deepening relationship with God.  The United Church Song of Faith from 2006 provides language that helps frame these questions:  “God is Holy Mystery, beyond complete knowledge, above perfect description… Nothing exists that does not find its source in God.”  In order to better appreciate what we believe you can link to the United Church of Canada Faith Statements page at https://www.united-church.ca/community-faith/welcome-united-church-canada/faith-statements

Palgrave United Church is actively looking for a new minister. During this transitional period, we are open for services and we will be joined by Joy Cowan who will be performing services for us during the months of Feb, March and April.  Evening services (the first Sunday of each month at 5:30 pm) will still take place and will be hosted by members of the Congregation.

We look forward to seeing you.


Sunday Learning

We welcome children of all ages to engage in learning.  In a safe and caring environment, we base our learning on progressive values of radical hospitality grounded in the message of love for other that informs our understanding of Jesus.

Justice and Outreach

In all we do at Palgrave United Church we are guided by the biblical directive of Micah 6:8.  What does God require of us?  To seek justice, love kindness, and walk humbly.  We believe that living this mission leads us to speak up, speak out, and act, both individually and collectively.

Palgrave United Community Kitchen

As part of our commitment to community, Palgrave United Church founded the Palgrave United Community Kitchen; the first certified community kitchen in Peel Region.  It’s mission is to educate people on the importance of local sustainable healthy food opportunities in Peel through providing space, services, resources, and events.